Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Wave

magnifyCopyright 2006 Peter S. Baring

"Come on, Minna. You go in first." Judy lifted her bunched-up T-shirt away from one eye and peeked slyly across the beach blanket at her sunbathing friend Minna. Minna pretended she didn't hear. "Come on, Minna." Judy insisted. "A nice ocean dip would be REFRESHING!"

Minna didn't say anything, of course. She was way too cool. Her back was arched deeply, offering her stretch-covered titties upward to the sun, and she sighed and let her pink mouth fall open as if asleep. She sure was beautiful! Judy wished she could have skinny thighs and a flat tummy like that, dusky brown skin that faded into vanilla cream at the edges where the older girl's bikini bottom was tucked in.

Judy looked critically up at her legs from her reclining position. Too fleshy and fat, she thought. She couldn't even see the ocean in the space between them. Anyway, at least having these big old tits was okay. At sixteen, Judy had already filled her bra cups as full if not more than her friend. She drew a lazy hand along the underside of one warm ripe breast.

Minna had been telling her about this boy Steve she had been going out with, how sex wasn't everything. Like he had taken her totally to dinner four times already and he hadn't even tried to kiss her yet. Well, once, the first night. But not since then. He was just totally considerate, totally a cool guy. Judy thought he sounded like a complete dick-teased wuss.

A hundred feet away the ocean roared towards her, pulled back, arched again and crashed forward, speckling her with a fine salty mist. Judy shivered. She snuck another quick glance over in Minna's direction. Judy couldn't tell if Minna's eyes were open behind her dark glasses. She let her thighs come apart and a self-indulgent smile cross her face as the fingers of a sea breeze blew coolly into the moist hollows around her nookie-noo.

Way out beyond the breakers a man in a skindiving suit paddled slowly across the unending swells, waiting for a big one, kicking his white waxed board into perfect placement. In the distance it was like he was aimed right at her, like he was her super-surfer ready to catch her wave. What if he just cruised on up the beach and FUCKED her?? Judy knew she would just pull the little bow knots on her hips and let him do it, and she reached up to make sure she could pull the loops through if she had to, dug her heels into the sand and wriggled her toes in readiness.

"Judy! Lay down! Those kids are looking at us." Minna was definitely awake now, sitting upright, her elbows raising as she checked the top of her swimsuit, her tanned body casting a protective shadow over her younger friend. "Watch out. They might see something!" Minna was always saying things like that but she was really nothing but a big show-off herself.

Without moving the position of her feeling hand Judy let her kneecaps come back together as she looked slyly around. A group of cute-looking boys were gliding their frisbee game down the beach towards the two girls' blanket. "Silly. They're looking at you, Minna! It's your big tits they're looking at." Minna's blue eyes widened as she realized suddenly that it was true. The teenagers' back and forth banter had changed its tone. It was mixed with knowing laughter as they whisked the flying saucer closer and closer to the booby blonde. "Hey, Dude. Look at the Frizz, man! Oh, wow. Not over there, Dude."

Judy was getting an idea, though. She leaped to her feet and took off after the misguided frisbee, making sure to keep her ass up and her legs straight as she bent to pick up the plastic disk. "Here, Minna!" she called out, zinging it straight and hard in her friend's direction. Minna shrieked as she put her hands out to protect herself, her golden boobs bouncing and bobbing in the sunlight as she fended off the edge-on throw.

Judy ran a few steps toward the nearest of the boys, a big wide smile on her face. "Hey, Dude! Can we play too? Throw it back to them, Minna!" She loved the way she had already learned how a girl could get all five of the guys into heat at once. They were lusting totally after her sexy body, their eyes fixed on the places her skimpy swimsuit started and left off, their imagination excited by her happy attitude.

She couldn't never win around Minna, though. No matter how hard Judy tried, it seemed like they always turned back to look at the older girl. Judy watched jealously as her friend bounced forward twice on the balls of her feet and then flang the frisbee in a veering curve twenty feet to her left. Minna was just such a perfect slut! In a second a tall boy was sprinting across the sand toward her upperclass friend, his long arms whipping as his feet swiveled in the hot sand to retrieve the misguided throw.

You could always count on Minna to lead them on from there, too. Judy watched in admiration as the nineteen-year-old melted into the dude's controlling arms like butter, giggled softly in his ear and spun the pro-model glow-in-the-dark to another crash-landing in the dunes somewhere.

That did it! Judy was going swimming. "That does it. I'm going in!" she called, turning slowly to face the waves and making four-fucking sure the quartet of other frisbee players had a chance to zoom in on her titty profile.

She wasn't like Minna. OK, Minna was really cool and everything, but she didn't understand herself at all--that she was really just a big tease. But even at sixteen, Judy always wanted to do it with everyone at once. Who could think of going shopping without trying on a lot of different stuff? In her mind Judy was getting each of the five guys out of their baggy beach shorts and pulling them up over her bare stomach while she looked hungrily over at their flat, muscled waistlines, their tight butts, their standing up, sticking out stickery-sticks. Every one fits different, every one a different size and shape and color.

Judy was the kind who liked to be nearly naked at all times. That was why she loved the beach so much and why she had chose out the g-string look when she went there. So everybody could see what it would be like to be her and to fuck her.

Judy thought what would happen if she started to drown and this boy had to rescue her. He didn't need to know she had had her lifesavers for four years or that she had been screwing around for two. She'd be all coughing and gasping and helpless as he pulled her in from certain death. He'd be all like "Wow, are you all right?" She'd be like "I think I swallowed something, oh my God, thank you, thank you!"

She was almost laughing as she thought about it, her tongue poking through her lips as she imagined the picture of the boy bent over her, his SF Giants hat turned around to the back of his head, his strong arm warm against her back.

She had broken through the shiver zone, screaming a little bit as the white spray splashed across her stomach. Judy turned sideways and raised her arms, bouncing out into the deeper water, feeling the flow drop back down away from her sides as each new wave gathered strength. The retreating waters were pulling the firm sand out from beneath her feet, drawing her further and further away from shore.

"Hey, you guys! Hey!" A hundred feet out, nipple deep, Judy turned back to face everybody. She knew they'd be watchin her tightened tits bob up and down. "Hey!" On the shore, Minna had moved over next to the best of the dudes. She was laughing and holding on to his arm, one leg kicked up behind her. OK, fine, Minna, I'll show you.

Now! Another one, a big one was coming! Judy watched the wave come at her, dipping and rising until finally it was a wall as tall as she was, and she took that moment to turn and leap back for the beach. Too late! The water was breaking over her, but instead of curling and trying to protect herself she let it take her arms and legs, let it spin her over, flip her upside down, slam her into the shallows.

The stinging slap of foam green water had stripped the skimpy strip of purple fabric right off of Judy's big tits in the first wild instant, and they swirled and swam wildly in the swift turbulence, as the enormous wave drove Judy's body mercilessly into the flat sand.

It wasn't like she expected it would be at all. Yes it was. The ocean was like, totally skronking her, holding her head down and slamming right between her thighs, flipping and tumbling her.

She felt herself starting to black out. The ripping raging current was everywhere, holding her, feeling her, taking her away with it. She could see the shore and she kept wanting to get up, crawl toward the people there, breathe, but her spread out hands and knees just wouldn't work, and as she tried to suck in air the following wave came crashing over her, and suddenly she was really choking, her face full of sand and slime and her own smothering hair.

She promised God please she would never do it again, but He said she was a liar. He had opened up his watery robe and Our Father who art in heaven was fucking the bejeezus out of her.

Thing was, Judy was truly a conniving little cunt. She had it totally figured out in advance, even though she never felt the strong arms of the boy that ran out into the surf and brought her back in. Joel had dug Judy since he had first seen her feeling herself up in the distance on the beach blanket. But it was like it took being totally drowned to even slow her down. He shifted uncomfortably. Beneath him, laying stretched out flat on her back, the girl turned her head and coughed weakly in response to the flat pressure he was applying to the center of her chest.

As soon as he knew she was going to be all right, Joel couldn't keep his eyes off of her naked tits and what he wanted more than anything was to get them in his big hands and squeeze the sex out of them. Cuz they were just so perfect, soft and curvy and delicious.

Joel had never seen nipples as fucking beautiful as Judy's were. They were deep dark ovals that crinkled around chewy little nubs. They made you want to find out what they were made of. He let his big hands move in wider circles so he could fiddle at them with his thumbs.

"Somebody give her his shirt." It was the girl he had been helping throw the frisbee talking. Oh, yeah. Sure. Joel untied the blue and black plaid shirt from his waist. He smiled up at Minna. "She'll be okay in a few minutes," he said. "She just swallowed some water. By the way, my name is Joel." The other girl was older than the one he had rescued, a little bit more mature and sophisticated looking, with streaky blonde hair that was tied back in a ponytail. Maybe she'd be like grateful to him for saving her friend.

But instead he was caught short with like this goofy smile on his face. "Ahh, who gives a shit," the girl said with unexpected anger. "Judy, you little cunt!" What did she mean by that? Joel didn't get it at first. In confusion, he looked back down to see what she was talking about. The girl she called Judy had one eye open now, and she seemed to be giggling. As soon as she saw him looking she closed it again, moaning.

Ricardo and the other guys were all laughing now. "Good job, Joel! Make sure you give her your shirt, dude, her tits'll get cold!" Joel blushed and jerked his hands away from Judy's bare boobs, letting them flop free and flat. He opened his shirt down over her and tucked it up under her chin, not having any idea what to do next.

"Come on, you guys! Let's go party." The girl named Minna was already stalking away, leading Ricardo behind her. "You all have a great time," she called back sarcastically. Joel was still straddled over the girl he had supposedly saved, his bare thighs close against the skimpy purple bottom of her wet swimsuit. He felt his face burning with embarassment.

OK, fine, if she wanted to fool. As the other dudes disappeared down the beach Joel pulled the covering shirt away, let his eyes return to the twin treasures buried beneath. Judy's chest was still sticky from the salt water. Her teen-aged mammaries were warm and moist at the edges as he gathered them into the bushel basket of his hands, pressed their teeny titty-tips together.

It took all the will power Judy had to keep her eyes squeezed shut as Joel hunched over and rang her soft bells. This time the dude was letting his hands do any kind of good stuff they wanted. Judy's mouth opened in the middle into a little pink "o", and the tip of her tongue pushed forward through her teeth as Joel pinched her pert nipples and yanked them straight out into the air.

He was the mastery-man. The mam-master. The man. Joel had a raging rusty re-bar rammed up the front of his shorts and a need for more. He let one boob fall back flat as he twisted the other freckled suck-sack even further away and began to slowly slap its soft stretched skin. Beneath him Judy began to shift and moan.

Cuz one thing she had found out from the beginning was that you shouldn't let them think. Keepum Simple Stupid. She wished that Joel would put them in his mouth. Cuz she always got off the most when she felt a boy snorting and sucking on her bitchin boobies like a big hunky milk-hungry animal.

For a sixteen year old Judy was pretty and smart, but what she still hadn't learned yet was that the dudes like Joel were always thinking even when her tits were crammed into their faces. Yeah, Joel was a fucking Einstein at this kind of foreplay, figgerin the formulas to turn Judy's universe rightside out.

Joel was thinking first of all about the sneaky look this chick had snuck up at him. He was thinking that if she wanted to be saved so much she might have to be squeezed and stroked first so she better like it. He sucked his whole mouth tight around her salty tit, flattening the fat little nippal area against his slippery tongue muscle. The chewy button swelled and expanded. Yup the old fooleroo had drawn himself the night watch in a Fun Factory this time.

She knew she could always like scream that he was raping her. Minna would come. But Judy knew she wouldn't do that unless she had to prove who was really in control. She sighed and wriggled her shoulders back into the warm sand, pressing her bare boobs up to where the dude could do whatever he wanted with them. She just wished he would kiss the other one too.

Kiss it? Joel wished he could suck it right off! Even though he knew it was an act, he was buying into it all the way, playing along with Judy's game. It felt great not have to make excuses, not have to look into the chick's eyes and see her trying to decide how far to let him go. Joel smoothed his big hands down across the bumpy curved line of Judy's ribs. She was breathing fine now, the air going in slow and coming out fast.

He was finding out something else great too. He was totally in Love! Now he was splitting the sensations with his hands, one sliding up to support her sandy back, the other going downward to turn the tip of her hip in to him, his fingers working at the tight wet knot that held the bottom of her swimsuit on. There, he had it. The strings came free at last and the tiny triangle of purple cloth pulled away from a sweet stretch of untanned skin.

Judy peeked again. Her spit-slick nipples were totally crinkled hard in the cool sea-salt air. She wished Minna could see her now. Through the curtain of her eyelashes she watched Joel's attention turn downwards. The boy had a head of curly, dark brown hair, almost black, and strong, smooth shoulders. A pepper-shaker moustache speckled his upper lip.

Judy's own lips were too dry and she sucked them in, ran her tongue around to moisten them. He liked her, liked what he was finding out about her. Joel's big dickee had the front of his baggy shorts stretched into a tight spear shape and he kept on grabbing at it, trying to get it out get it off guide it in. She was pretty sure she liked him too.

Joel pressed his finger into the tight crack beneath Judy's frizzy brown-haired cunt-bump, playing with the little possum that lived there, teasing the little animal into life. She was already ready, warm and wet and willing, and he felt her hips shift as she opened up to his further exploration.

Now he knew he wanted this chick to want him too. And as if she could read Joel's dirty mind she was raising her hands, reaching to the front of his wet shorts, unbuttoning him and zipping him down. He saw her peeking out of the side of her eyes at his dick as she brought him out throbbing hard all the way out into the open air and sun.

For some reason Judy just really liked to look at guys' penises. Who needed this romance stuff? She just liked to touch them, too. That was all she kept trying to tell Minna. No, she didn't think they were ugly at all. She couldn't think of nothing better than stroking and pinching this thick veiny purple fucker unless it was bouncing the pair of big old naked hound-dog balls hanging down beneath it in her hand. That was all. What did love have to do with it?

Judy stretched her arms straight down, squeezing her bare breasts out while she handled his stick. Joel looked so great reared up above her with his unsnapped shorts pulled down. He wrapped his strong fingers around her fist, squeezed it into a tight circle around his big baby maker, made her slide it up and down his curvy length, pulling and pointing the meat muscle down at her.

She hated blushing, but she loved to be embarassed. In a funny way it was the best part when you finally stopped pretending. She felt herself getting all red and stuff as she looked up into Joel's eyes and both of them knew. "Thank you for rescuing me." she told him.

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